Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2014 Brock Recap!!

You may ask why I haven't sat down and done a blog post in about a YEAR (yes, I said a YEAR!)... well, we are busy people! This one post took me like half a day haha! I decided to do a little recap of our past year to get caught up, then I will try to blog when I can. It's just hard these days to fit it in, with every other mommy chore that seems to never end. I can't complain though! I feel very, very lucky to be able to stay/work from home and be with my children as often as I do. And we have lots of fun! Here's a little bit from our past year to prove that point....


Filled with rough nights from a teething and super fussy toddler that didn't want to sleep all night, but she was in perfect health! 

We had lots of fun playing with all of our new Christmas goodies! 

And where else could you be still playing outside during WINTER??! We love it here!



We worked on our gardening skills...

We celebrated Valentine's Day with friends and tried out dirt for the first time!

Road trip to Albuquerque to visit and see Peepaw and Nana J's new house! (P.S. Road trip with these three was NO picnic!!)

Practiced our writing and coloring skills!


Visited Nana B and Grandaddy in Georgia and had a wonderful visit! 
The girls absolutely loved the beach!

We got to celebrate St. Patty's Day - Savannah style! Rain and all, we had a great time!

Springtime in Phoenix = splash pad fun begins!!

Eating out with kids is always an adventure, but they love it best when Nana is around!


I officially became "head" of our mom's group - so of course I had to throw a crazy April Fool's Party, wacky outfits were required:

We went to the zoo on a perfect morning! It's a good thing our zoo has a splash area too, however... 

And of course, we had to visit the Easter Bunny! I'm not sure if Lilly is a fan... 


I went painting with a few other moms and had so much fun! I had no idea how much I had missed it!

Had a few FULL days of plans, can we say partied out??

 Rylie became a Pre-K Graduate!

And the craziness that is Lillian Michelle began....


Rylie turned the big 5! We had a ton of fun at her JumpStreet Paw Patrol party!

Our favorite cousin Chase also celebrated the big 3 this month!

Our big girl learned how to swim! We were so proud of her, she is really a little fish now!

Aunt Tracy also celebrated a birthday - June is so popular for bdays! We got to enjoy a fun night out with some other momma friends :)


We celebrated Fourth of July with a great fireworks display - we were so glad Daddy could join us too!


Headed up North to see Grandparents and visitors, and to escape the heat a bit...


My first long weekend away with no kids at the Origami Owl Convention - so much fun!

And Rylie started Kindergarten! We still can't believe it!


School picture day for this sweetheart!

Saw some rain... we get pretty excited for that around here! 

Pretty much lost track of the number of times I've seen (or heard) the movie Frozen...

 Got to spend a fabulous weekend in Las Vegas to see a great friend of mine get married!


Met Elsa the Queen!

Had a great mom's night out at the shooting range :) 

Ate some spaghetti...

And celebrated my birthday!! I had a super fun day/night away with some good friends...


Made quite a few Halloween practice runs...

Lillian turned the big 2! And this is the best I could do for a pic, she was so fussy on her actual party day that I have no good pictures :(

Visited the pumpkin patch!

Went Trick-Or-Treating with friends!



Competed in the Ridiculous Obstacle Challenge with some friends - SO. MUCH. FUN!!

Rylie performed as a "Pilgrim Woman" in her Kinder Thanksgiving skit!

We did some painting...

Got to see some good friends for the evening!
The girls got to help momma decorate the tree (and even knock it over too!)


We got a special visit from Peepaw and Nana J, just in time for the holidays!


 Rode some super fun Steamer trains that had the tracks all decked out with lights!

We had more fun guests come to visit - our Aunt Sarah and her friend Mary! The girls had an absolute blast with them :)

Our "official" Christmas family photo! Keepin' it real folks!

 Got our ugly Christmas sweaters on...

Celebrated with our mom's group...

Santa came of course!!

And finally... got ready for the NEW YEAR!!
2015 is here, let's see if I can blog more than once this year (haha!)

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